Energy Supply Operator

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) has an immediate opening for an Energy Supply Operator located in Doniphan, NE.


Position closes May 21, 2018.


Summary of Job duties:

The incumbent will be responsible for directing the generation of NPPD and non NPPD resources with emphasis on optimizing units to maximize revenues. Incumbent is also responsible for determining appropriate risk exposure for hourly purchases and sales through The Energy Authority (TEA) and the SPP Market. Incumbent, while working 12 hour shifts, will be required to predict and adjust hourly load forecasts, Generation projections, SPP Market submittals, and will be responsible for sending NPPD's Billable Demand Program messages.

Directing the generation of NPPD and non-NPPD resources in which they manage with emphasis on optimizing units to maximize generation and sales while minimizing risk while maintaining reliability for the Unit and Grid. Responsible for SPP Market Submittal information into the SPP Market for NPPD for both the Real Time and Next Day Energy Supply Desks. Also, the monitoring and responding to directions given by Reliability Groups and SPP Market.


Essential Functions of Position:


  • Shall direct the generation of NPPD and non-NPPD resources in an effort to maximize generation based on economic merit and SPP Market Deployment signals. This includes communicating with power plant operating personnel as needed for the automatic and manual control of generation.


  • Incumbent will be responsible for providing Ancillary Services for the SPP Market and responding to requests by Reliability Groups and SPP Market for these Ancillary Services to maintain the Bulk Electric System. This includes informing power plant operating personnel of the responsibilities in meeting NPPD's obligations.


  • Shall be responsible for determining appropriate level of risk exposure to NPPD as it pertains to hourly sales, purchases, and the Markets. This shall be accomplished by having a complete understanding of the SPP IM markets (including an understanding of other RTO and Bilateral Markets) and system condition trends. Incumbent will communicate this information to TEA, SPP, and NPPD by using provided software tools and/or verbal communication. Shall also develop a healthy working relationship TEA and SPP staff.


  • Shall develop a healthy working relationship with the Doniphan Control Center staff and SPP to ensure that the NPPD Bulk Power System is operated reliably and economically. Ancillary Service Contracts will provide the guidelines for this operation.



  • Shall be responsible for adjusting current load forecasts and generation projections in an effort to have available enough resources for load and ancillary requirements for the upcoming hours. This will include updating SPP and TEA of the adjustments. This shall include the ramping of generation and schedules to meet the changes in hourly load levels and the following of SPP Market Deployments.


  • Responsible for understanding NPPD Billable Demand process and management of the program. Assist in all areas of sending messages, updating forecasts, and providing input as needed. Will also be responsible for providing excellent customer service when customers call with suggestions or complaints.


  • Shall provide support for the District in meeting SPP, MRO and NERC criteria including documentation, monitoring, reporting and auditing responsibilities.


  • Shall work with Energy Supply group and TEA to continually look for market strategies to implement. Shall work to maximize NPPD assets through market strategies.


  • Responsible for all documentation needed for tracking market information, reliability information, and any other reports through NPPD Software of associated programs.





Education, Training, and Experience:

Associates degree in electrical or electronics technology and 5 years' experience as described below




HS diploma and 8 years' experience as described below.


Experience as Generation Control Operator, Control Area Operator, Real time Marketer or Trader, System Control Operator or other experience as deemed equivalent by NPPD Management.


Licenses and/or Certifications Required/Preferred:


Incumbent will be required to be a NERC Certified System Operator within 12 months of accepting position.


Incumbent must establish and maintain acceptable NERC Security Background check.


Salary Information: Non-exempt pay grade 15; $46.70 to $60.15/hour


Nebraska Public Power District offers a competitive starting salary and an excellent benefits package including medical and dental insurance, 401K retirement plan, paid holidays, paid vacation, training opportunities and more.


If you have any special needs requests, please contact Human Resources at Nebraska Public Power District.


Nebraska Public Power District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.