CNS Quality Assurance Auditor

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) has an immediate opening for a QA Auditor for Supplier Group located at Cooper Nuclear Station.

Commercial Nuclear Power Plant Experience Strongly Preferred

Summary of Job duties:

The Quality Assurance Auditor I provides technical expertise and leadership skills necessary to assure that Quality Assurance Programs are effectively implemented and that actions taken to correct findings and deficiencies are effective. The Quality Assurance Auditor I may lead and will conduct external (supplier) and/or internal oversight functions that includes audits, surveillance, and assessments. This position may be responsible for the supervision of audit teams while performing the function of Lead Auditor. This position requires the skills to support audit/assessment activities at other nuclear facilities and may be responsible for extensive technical monitoring of programs within their experience base.  Frequent travel to supplier facilities for purposes of audit and surveillance is required.

External (supplier) and internal oversight functions are conducted by direct observations, interviews, and document reviews. Concerns developed through these activities are effectively communicated through the appropriate line of management as described below:

  • Responsible for the performance of audit teams while functioning as Lead Auditor for external (supplier) and/or internal audits/assessments.

  • Provide compliance and performance oversight to the direction, conduct, and focus of the audit/assessment process and recognize and articulate the significance of issues identified.

  • Responsible for the planning, conduct, and execution of audit/assessment briefs, entrances, exits, reports, and follow-up activities.

  • Evaluate audit/assessment issues identified by team members for appropriate disposition, including reporting to management, problem identification reporting, and elevation/escalation of issues.

  • The incumbent will analyze, interpret, and assess the implementation of requirements of regulatory documents as they apply to the facility and personnel, and/or the performance of functional areas or programs of expertise.

  • Provide guidance, training, and direction to all personnel concerning the audit/assessment processes and provide guidance and assessment to the CNS Quality Assurance Program. This position mentors and coaches lower level positions in the QA Department.

  • Provide follow-up assessments to verify that interim and long-term corrective actions to conditions affecting quality have been effectively implemented.


Bachelor of science degree in Engineering or related scientific/technical field is preferred with 2 years experience at a commercial nuclear power plant in the areas or programs listed below.


Associates degree in scientific/technical field with 4 years experience at a commercial nuclear power plant in the areas or programs listed below.


Equivalent military training and 4 years experience at a commercial nuclear power plant in the areas or programs listed below.


Supplier Quality, Procurement/Design/System Engineering, Preventive/Corrective Maintenance, ISI, IST, Appendix J, Erosion/Corrosion, Special Processes, MOV, Check Valve, E.Q., Snubbers, Fire Protection, Continuous Improvement, Procurement;


Quality Assurance, Engineering, Procurement, Operations, Maintenance

Licenses and/or Certifications required/Preferred:

Meet the requirements of and be certified to ANSI/ASME N45.2.23 Qualification of Quality Assurance Program Audit Personnel for Nuclear Power Plants as endorsed by Reg Guide 1.146, Rev.0) within two years of fulfilling the position.

Lead Auditor certification will consist of the following as a minimum:

Mastery of auditing/assessment techniques including examining, questioning, evaluating, reporting, follow-up, and escalation.

  1. On-the-job training to include the elements of audit activity as described in ANSI N45.2.12 as endorsed by Reg Guide 1.144, Rev. 1.

  2. Comprehensive examination which will evaluate his/her comprehension of and ability to apply sound auditing skills/knowledge.

  3. Continuing participation in the conduct of audits/assessments in the role of Audit Team Leader/Auditor.

  4. Continued maintenance of proficiency through formal written annual assessment by Quality Assurance Management. Must be qualified to ANSI N-18.1, (Section 4.1) - 1971 Selection and Training of Nuclear Power Plant Personnel requirements as endorsed by Reg Guide 1.8, Rev. 1.

Salary Information: $84,660 to $109,026 annual

Resumes will be accepted through April 25, 2018.

Nebraska Public Power District offers a competitive starting salary and an excellent benefits package including medical and dental insurance, 401K retirement plan, paid holidays, paid vacation, training opportunities and more.

If you have any special needs requests, please contact Human Resources at Nebraska Public Power District.

NPPD is an Equal Opportunity Employer